My Health Journey – The Beginning

Diets and I go way back. Like back to 11 years old.

I remember my first diet: Low-fat. Just count the fat grams, no more than 20 per day. Who remembers that fad? I was delighted because low fat, no fat cookies were the bomb and made up a large portion of my daily food allowance. No surprise that didn’t work out. Living on bread and sugary snacks made for zero weight loss and lots of sugar cravings.

I can only find a few pictures that don’t remind me of dealing with food issues as a kid.

I was a fluffy kid past 3rd grade. I rarely ate vegetables. I lived on refined carbs, sugary drinks, cheese, and sometimes meat. I can’t remember being extremely active either. If I recall correctly it was about this time that video games came into our lives with Nintendo and entire summers were spent inside trying to win Super Mario Brothers levels.

Then came my preteen years and some how I managed to loose some of my fluff. Not sure if it was getting taller, softball, or the boys I had crushes on but whatever it was, it was addicting. I was getting compliments and praise from everyone, plus my clothes looked  and felt great. I knew then that I had to get it together and figure out how to be keep the weight off and loose more.

When I starting forming body issues and diets came into my life.

And so it begins… the next 10 years are filled with stories of weight loss and gain. Fad diets, gym memberships, workout videos, and weight loss books. Depending on who I was hanging with or what sort of stress I may have been experiencing my weight was all over the place. I kept a wide range of sizes in my closet because I never knew what the scale was going to say. My happiness always riding on a number and pant size.

Next post I will continue my weight story sharing some of the specific things I’ve tried in my quest to conquer health.


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