Healthy Breakfast Swap List

Here are a few ways that making minor diet adjustments can mean huge health impacts.

  1. Leave the pastry and grab high fiber, low-cal bread. Smear with teaspoon of natural almond butter and fruit spread.
  2. Gotta have your daily bagel? Only eat half or pinch some of the middle out making room for hummus spread or turkey slices.
  3. Instead of sugar or Splenda, add a few drops of Stevia from Sweet Leaf brand.
  4. Instead of regular OJ cut it with club soda or just eat an orange!
  5. Trade your regular breakfast meats for ones made with organic or natural chicken and turkey.
  6. Top waffles and pancakes with fresh fruit.
  7. Eat your cereal in a smaller bowl and add fruit.
  8. Trade your traditional sugar filled yogurt with plain low fat greek. Add stevia and fruit to sweeten.
  9. Add veggies to your eggs or try it poached instead of fried.
  10.  Skip the Latte and try a cappuccino. It’s only about 1/3 of the calories.

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