22 Minute Hard Corps

I am beyond excited to have nearly completed this workout! It’s been a while since I completed a Beachbody workout. Before my daughter, my husband and I completed Chalean Extreme and were pleased with our results.

Before and during the pregnancy we had began the T25 workout program but eventually lost our motivation and did not have a support system in place to keep us accountable. Since becoming a Beachbody coach we have experienced an overwhelming since of community and accountability; something we never understood the value of until now.

Shortly after the birth, we knew we needed to make some serious changes to get our energy up and our health back on track.

We began to incorporate Chalean Extreme and walking in our life to develop a routine and rebuild our strength. We also added Shakeology back into our diet. I have done my research and know that Shakeology is the best nutritional supplement on the market and knew we needed to start drinking it again.

When we noticed the advertisements for 22 Minutes Hard Corps, we were intrigued. Being busy parents every minute in the day counts! But it got  us thinking “Who doesn’t have 22 minutes!? ”

It has been a very challenging yet rewarding 7 weeks. The program is 8 weeks total and although I have had to modify many of the exercises I’ve still seen such an amazing increase in my strength, energy, sleep, and body shape.

I was so uncomfortable with my body when we first began that I could not find the courage to take “before” pictures. I did take measurements and can’t wait to compare them next week!

Up next we are planning to complete T25! I will be taking before and after photos to keep up with how my body is changing and prove that in just 30 minutes per day fitness can be achieved!



2 thoughts on “22 Minute Hard Corps

  1. Congratulations on keeping on keeping on. You are smart to modify exercises instead of possibly injuring yourself and to keep trying new workouts. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress with your before and after photos.

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