How To Make Healthy Choices On a Busy Day

I’ve got a busy day ahead but I can’t let that be an excuse to make unhealthy food choices and skip my workout! The secret to getting it done? Make a plan!

I am making my plan early and looking at my list of “must do’s” for the day. It’s longer than usual but having a plan will ensure that it all gets done. I am going to complete my reading and blogging early, next getting my workout in; even if I have to chase a toddler around to get it done!

Clothes are chosen and steamed.

I have healthy snacks and a shake packed in a bag along with a water bottle that can be refilled. And that should do it! Of course, the unexpected can always happen but being flexible about your plan can reduce stress and help you get the most our of day!

Happy Thursday, make the day great!


2 thoughts on “How To Make Healthy Choices On a Busy Day

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I’m sitting on the back patio, reviewing my schedule for the day and trying figure out when I’ll have time to write. Like you said, I do t have to figure it all out right now. In 10 mi Utes I meet with first of four clients. In four hours, I can take another look. Thanks agai .

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