Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer


Currently I am reading this book about  manifesting and I am trying to wrap my head about the concepts presented. I love learning about different ways of thinking and all things spiritual.

The book is teaching me how to tap into my subconscious mind by saying only what it is that I desire as if it’s already true each day and also at night before nodding off to sleep. I have to say I have been sleeping better! I have a bad habit of reviewing the days problems before sleep, and according to the book, that trains your mind to stay focused on what it is that you don’t want!

Also I am finding as I think through the material and practice its principles I’m becoming more aware of self talk. Prompting me to take action in changing any thoughts that don’t align with my goals or don’t come from a place of love.

As always, Dr. Dyer encourages me to stay connected to God and remember that I am here to serve others!

Clink this link to get your own copy!





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