The Formula

Since catching my first cold in years and pulling my back out, I’ve made a ton of excuses. Getting out of the habit of keeping a healthful routine is dangerous. I know what works for me and I’ve nicknamed it the “the formula”. Oscar and I talk about it to folks who want to know how we’ve been able to loose weight and get fit. It’s so easy really… but the thing about easy is that it’s also easy not to do it. You think “oh it won’t matter if I skip this workout or eat that cheat meal!” However that’s not the way health fitness works, it’s the sum of tiny efforts over time that add up to huge change. I love to laser focus and get big chuncks of work completed at a time but unfortunately that doesn’t apply to this category of life. It’s been so satisfying decluttering several hours each day and seeing the dramatic results after. Oh how I wished I could do the same with my fitness!  But that’s not how it works and so I’m getting back in the swing of my formula which is: 

1. 1 red container for breakfast, usually 2 soft boiled eggs

2. 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1/2 organge container for lunch. My go to is a previous post: 1 slice of organic bread, 1 chicken sausage, arugula, and Dijon mustard. 

3. My favorite, snack time = Shakeology! Usually it’s the vegan chocolate with 1/2 banana, couple strawberries, tsp nut butter, greens boost, energy boost, almond milk and water. Equals 1 red, and 1 purple container. 

4. Diner is typically a lean baked meat like chicken. Small salad with homemade olive oil dressing, and some roasted veggies like carrots or broccoli. I love playing around with the flavors to keep it interesting. For example, lemon, Basil, and other herbs add flavor without additional calories. 

5. Each day I complete a Beachbody workout that typically lasts 30 minutes and is part of a specific program designed by professional trainers to get the best bang for my time spent.

That’s it! When I follow these 5 formula rules, I feel my best and fit into all my “skinny” clothes. Now I’ve just got to log some time and it’ll be like a part of me I can’t live without! Here’s to falling off but getting back on. 


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