Decluttering and Foam Rolling

I’m starting to find many similarities with fitness and minimal living. I have to work at it every single day. It’s like building muscle or staying on track with my nutrition. It gets easier as a habit is formed and my results are becoming evident. Yet when I get stressed or thrown off by life, it’s tempting to turn to unhealthy food, shopping, and time excuses! Same with stretching on my foam roller, I have to use it each day to notice improvements in my posture and flexibility. It’s been tough staying on track lately. With Birthday shenanigans this past week and our vacation coming up, among other things, I’ve got to keep my goals in front of me to maintain focus and not fall into old patterns. 

I’ve cut out the extra yellow containers, cleared countless surfaces around my home, and logged 5 workouts last week. Still though, got to keep going and not get distracted especially when life gets busy. January will be over in blink and it’ll be time to start my new fitness challenge. Hammer and Chisel is on the calendar and my decluttering list is long, so here’s to finishing strong this month and killing it in February!


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