Kombucha 2nd Round


I am now working on my 3rd batch of Kombucha. The above photos are of my 2nd batch. I am trying to get it more fizzy but finding it a little challenging. I truly feel like a mad scientist when doing this! A great deal of trial and error.

Items needed:

filtered water, about 1 gallon

organic black tea

1 Kombucha scoby — click below for the one I purchased from Amazon


2 cups white sugar

large glass container

cloth to cover container

dark space to store for 5-7 days

  1. I brew 12 small bags of organic black tea. Sometimes I replace a few of the bags with organic green tea as well. I only use glass to steep my tea per the experts directions.
  2. After the tea finishes steeping I add the 2 cups of sugar and stir with a wooden spoon until completely dissolved.
  3. I then add the tea and sugar to the large glass container and add about a gallon of filtered water.
  4. I place the scoby on the top along with any saved liquids. After each batch is complete I save about a 4th of the mixture to add to the next batch for more consistency.
  5. I place a cloth over the top of the container and store it in the back of my pantry for 5-7 days.





Kombucha is Ready


Well it’s officially ready!

It is so yummy! I had more fizz this time than anytime I have made it in the past. This was my first 2nd ferment. I am really surprised by how apple it tastes. I only added 2-3 oz per jar. I know from fermenting veggies in the past that putting any spice or herb in the jars intensifies a great deal so I will need to remember that when making future batches!

The hubby approves as well! I have a couple more jars in the pantry that I didn’t think had enough fizz and I am planning to leave overnight to see what happens. Then on to the next brew!  I am sure this batch won’t be around long…

Kombucha 2nd Ferment 


So today I added the first kombucha ferment to 4 quart size mason jars with apple juice for an extra couple days. I have never done a 2nd ferment and am excited to see if it comes out apple flavored and extra fizzy.

The scoby is as always super weird to handle! I can see the mother splitting and making a baby, so that was cool. I have heard about the jars exploding on people so I wrapped each one in a dish towel for precautionary measures.

I will post about the final product in a couple days. Wish me luck!

Link to the scoby I purchased is listed below the photo:





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Over the last several years, more and more research is showing how important our digestive health is to our overall immune system. It seems that our modern way of living and eating has eliminated or decreased how much good bacteria we now have in our bodies.

Many health care professionals and health industry leaders are encouraging us to take a probiotic supplant and add more fermented food to our diets to restore balance in our good vs bad bacteria composition.

Since personally adding a probiotic supplement and fermented food to my diet I can attest to better digestion and less incidents involving colds and viruses. One of my favorite ways to accomplish this has been drinking kombucha!

I really enjoy the Synergy brand and treat myself to one occasionally because they can be a little pricy at $3-$4 per bottle.


A couple of years ago a friend began making her own and shared her recipe  as well as a starter scoby to get me started. It takes about a week to make and definitely feels like a science experiment but is so worth it! I can’ t wait until my brew is ready!

On my next post I’ll share the recipe I used as well as pictures of the finished product.

Here is the scoby I am using purchased from Amazon: