My Health Journey – The Beginning

Diets and I go way back. Like back to 11 years old. I remember my first diet: Low-fat. Just count the fat grams, no more than 20 per day. Who remembers that fad? I was delighted because low fat, no…

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Kombucha 2nd Round


I am now working on my 3rd batch of Kombucha. The above photos are of my 2nd batch. I am trying to get it more fizzy but finding it a little challenging. I truly feel like a mad scientist when doing this! A great deal of trial and error.

Items needed:

filtered water, about 1 gallon

organic black tea

1 Kombucha scoby — click below for the one I purchased from Amazon

2 cups white sugar

large glass container

cloth to cover container

dark space to store for 5-7 days

  1. I brew 12 small bags of organic black tea. Sometimes I replace a few of the bags with organic green tea as well. I only use glass to steep my tea per the experts directions.
  2. After the tea finishes steeping I add the 2 cups of sugar and stir with a wooden spoon until completely dissolved.
  3. I then add the tea and sugar to the large glass container and add about a gallon of filtered water.
  4. I place the scoby on the top along with any saved liquids. After each batch is complete I save about a 4th of the mixture to add to the next batch for more consistency.
  5. I place a cloth over the top of the container and store it in the back of my pantry for 5-7 days.




Yogurt Parfait Breakfast

This is an amazing recipe from Seattle’s Best Brunch. Yogurt parfaits are fun and can easily be altered to suit your taste and keep things fresh for breakfast! This recipe can also be made into 2 parfaits to save calories or make as a snack.

Greek Yogurt Parfait with Banana, Granola and Chocolate Chips
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Serving Size: 1
Calories per serving:350
Fat per serving: 11 g
Carbs per serving: 117 g
Protein per serving: 27 g

1 cup of nonfat plain Greek yogurt

2 table spoons of organic granola

1 table spoon of organic dark chocolate chips

1 banana, peeled and sliced

In a serving glass or cup, add Greek yogurt.

Top yogurt with granola, chocolate and banana slices

Mix and enjoy each spoonful!

22 Minute Hard Corps

I am beyond excited to have nearly completed this workout! It’s been a while since I completed a Beachbody workout. Before my daughter, my husband and I completed Chalean Extreme and were pleased with our results.

Before and during the pregnancy we had began the T25 workout program but eventually lost our motivation and did not have a support system in place to keep us accountable. Since becoming a Beachbody coach we have experienced an overwhelming since of community and accountability; something we never understood the value of until now.

Shortly after the birth, we knew we needed to make some serious changes to get our energy up and our health back on track.

We began to incorporate Chalean Extreme and walking in our life to develop a routine and rebuild our strength. We also added Shakeology back into our diet. I have done my research and know that Shakeology is the best nutritional supplement on the market and knew we needed to start drinking it again.

When we noticed the advertisements for 22 Minutes Hard Corps, we were intrigued. Being busy parents every minute in the day counts! But it got  us thinking “Who doesn’t have 22 minutes!? ”

It has been a very challenging yet rewarding 7 weeks. The program is 8 weeks total and although I have had to modify many of the exercises I’ve still seen such an amazing increase in my strength, energy, sleep, and body shape.

I was so uncomfortable with my body when we first began that I could not find the courage to take “before” pictures. I did take measurements and can’t wait to compare them next week!

Up next we are planning to complete T25! I will be taking before and after photos to keep up with how my body is changing and prove that in just 30 minutes per day fitness can be achieved!


Healthy Breakfast Swap List

Here are a few ways that making minor diet adjustments can mean huge health impacts.

  1. Leave the pastry and grab high fiber, low-cal bread. Smear with teaspoon of natural almond butter and fruit spread.
  2. Gotta have your daily bagel? Only eat half or pinch some of the middle out making room for hummus spread or turkey slices.
  3. Instead of sugar or Splenda, add a few drops of Stevia from Sweet Leaf brand.
  4. Instead of regular OJ cut it with club soda or just eat an orange!
  5. Trade your regular breakfast meats for ones made with organic or natural chicken and turkey.
  6. Top waffles and pancakes with fresh fruit.
  7. Eat your cereal in a smaller bowl and add fruit.
  8. Trade your traditional sugar filled yogurt with plain low fat greek. Add stevia and fruit to sweeten.
  9. Add veggies to your eggs or try it poached instead of fried.
  10.  Skip the Latte and try a cappuccino. It’s only about 1/3 of the calories.

Clean Eating and Grilling



Summer is almost here and that means lots grilling will be underway! For my first accountability group, I am teaming up with some knowledgeable health and fitness coaches to demonstate how to grill your favorite foods the healthiest and cleanest way possible. For 1 week, join me in this FREE group starting Monday! I will be sharing full shopping lists, recipes, and lots of clean eating education to help you navigate the summer months! Please leave a comment or message me to be included!


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